Lanelle Piotrowski (owner)
LMT #12358 
                                                                                  Lanelle specializes in Specific
Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Injury Rehabilitation, Craniosacral, Swedish, Prenatal and Stress Relieving Relaxation massage. 
For years Lanelle had constant headaches and migraines that no pain reliever could alleviate. It wasn't until she started receiving massage that Lanelle began to experience life without pain.  Since then she has strived to help others feel the relief and satisfaction of a balanced and pain free body.  Lanelle has worked with many clients with painful/chronic ailmentsShe has been in professional practice in Medford since 2005.
 Lanelle clearly believes that massage is an important ingredient to a healthy body and mind.  Call for an appointment or book online today and Be Well!
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Joseph Budziszewski,  

LMT#22635, ACPT#331621                                                                                                       

Joseph specializes in Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Elongation Massage with Traction, Sports Massage, P.N.F., and     Swedish Relaxation Massage.          Joseph's work is very therapeutic with a gentle, relaxing approach to the body. He feels the benefits of massage are so positive to a speedy recovery and maintaining healthy body mechanics, that he wishes to share and educate others that he comes in contact with.             Joseph’s long life history in athletics and training has led him to the field of massage therapy. His experience with injury and rehabilitation allows him to feel empathy and   compassion for what each client is going                    through in their own personal situation. Call for an appointment or book online today and Be Well!

408 Crater Lake Ave.
Medford, Or. 97504
office:(541) 773-1188
cell: (541) 951-5845

           Helene Shoen, LMT #22467                                                                                     

Helene specializes in Deep Tissue 

Massage, Neuromuscular Trigger 

Point Therapy, Breath Therapy, Myofascial Mobilization, Prenatal 

and Relaxation Massage.  

Helene’s work focuses on using therapeutic massage and breath work as powerful tools to help bring the nervous system back into balance, helping you move from chronic stress and pain to a state of relaxation and repair.

Clients searching for a way to deal with chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, neck, shoulder, hip and back issues will find an integrated scientific approach that both effectively addresses the immediate source of their pain and educates and empowers them with the tools and information to take 

back their lives. 

Call for an appointment or book online today and Be Well!