Lanelle Piotrowski (owner) LMT #12358 
Lanelle specializes in Specific Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Injury Rehabilitation, Craniosacral, Swedish, Prenatal and Stress Relieving Relaxation massage. 
For years Lanelle had constant headaches and migraines that no pain reliever could alleviate.     It wasn't until she started receiving massage that Lanelle began to experience life without pain.  Since then she has strived to help others feel the relief and satisfaction of a balanced and pain free body.  Lanelle has worked with many clients with painful/chronic ailments, including whiplash injury, frozen shoulder, headaches/migraines, impingement, low, mid and upper back strain, sciatica, SI imbalance, rotator cuff injury, carpal tunnel, repetitive motion injury and so on. She has helped these clients feel better, not only with massage, but by using hot/cold therapy, deep tissue/trigger point work, stretching and exercise techniques. She has been in professional practice in Medford since 2005. Lanelle clearly believes that massage is an important ingredient to a healthy body 
and mind.  Call for an appointment or book online today and Be Well! You can also email me at



Caitlin Allen, BS, LMT #17706                                        Caitlin specializes in Craniosacral, Swedish and Relaxation Massage. Caitlin has a deep sensitivity to healing work and a remarkable ability to tune into what may be off in a body’s pattern of functioning. Her personal massage style hones in on areas of constriction in the body to restore ease and movement, through a combination of motion and stillness.                                       Caitlin completed her massage studies at Ashland Institute of Massage. She was especially drawn to Craniosacral Therapy, and has since pursued a mentorship in CST with Judith Sanford, LMT, CST. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle technique that helps to balance deep rhythms in the body by affecting the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which circulates within the brain and spinal cord. Through the stillness of craniosacral holds as well as gentle motion of manipulating the muscles, Caitlin finds that her ability to relax surface tensions and holding patterns allows her to access and address deeper muscular issues.                                           Call for an appointment or book online today and            Be Well!

1100 E. Main Street
Medford, Or. 97504
office:(541) 776-4708
cell: (541) 951-5845

Jordan Chartier, LMT #20160
Jordan specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue,
Trigger Point and Sports Massage
Jordan has experience dealing with
headaches, migraines and low back pain. He enjoys
helping clients get rid of chronic pain with relaxing and
deep strokes. He likes to free up muscle tension
that restrict joint movement and he is very in-sync with
clients. He is very attentive and intuitive, giving just the
right amount of pressure that is needed. He strives to
provide the best possible service for clients so that no
matter the reason for their visit, they leave their
sessions with peace of mind.
Call for an appointment or book online today and
Be Well!