Be Well Monthly

*Update* This is lasting longer then we originally thought and cannot open until this virus clears up enough for us to safely work on people. We are closed until further notice of this situation changing. 
With the COVID-19 virus spreading rapidly in our country and just showing up in Oregon, we have decided to temporarily close down to help stop the spread of this sneaky virus. We have been deep cleaning and sanitizing and doing everything we can, but realistically if a person that was asymptomatic came in for a massage (not knowing that they're sick yet) and were still highly contagious, it could spread to all other clients that were to come in on that same day. Since it can be alive in the air for hours, it's too risky in our line of work to stay open. We would feel terrible if our clinic was responsible for even one of our clients getting sick. As of now, we will temporarily be closed until April 2nd and then we will re-evaluate depending on what the recommendations are then. We HIGHLY recommend that you keep yourself safe and cancel all other hands on appointments that you chiropractor appts, PT, hair appts, nail appts, any type of one-on-one therapy, etc. Also, please boost your immune systems, drink extra water and wash those hands like crazy! We love you all and want to see you healthy and ready to come back when this passes!
Here is a link from ABMP advising all LMTs to stop practicing immediately.