About Us

Our goal is to help clients feel better by working toward improving health, mobility, flexibility and peace of mind for every single person who comes to see us .
We also strive to teach clients how to continue to feel better in their every day lives through stretching, breathing and exercises specifically designed for each individual. So, book your appointment now.


Joseph “Bodhi” Budziszewski


Joseph “Bodhi” specializes in Myofascial Neuromuscular Therapy Massage.
This is the manipulation of fascia, muscle and tendons for better range of motion.
MNT helps postural corrections for better balance and movement response.
It also aids in the release of trauma for a positive and speedy recovery. It helps with the freeing of nerve pathways from entrapment, pain and increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation.
Joseph’s mission in life is to help heal and educate each person that he interacts with, while providing them the tools they need for a healthier, more positive outcome.
He combines his lifetime of knowledge into a non-aggressive approach and intuitively understands that no single treatment is the same for everyone.
Bodhi is also a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Medicine Specialist, Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Multidimensional Therapist.
Call for an appointment with Joseph today or book online and Be Well!

Amy Monaghan


Amy specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Specific Therapeutic, Hot Stone, Cupping, Reiki and Singing Bowl Sound Therapy.
In her teenage years, when seeing someone in pain, she would say, “I wish I could touch them and make them feel better”. Little did she know that’s exactly what she would end up doing. Bodies seem to speak to Amy, there is an intuitive pull for her to touch, massage and relieve stress, pain or blocked energy in others. Amy also specializes in Reiki energy work, Singing Bowl Sound Therapy and Cupping techniques. Amy has been practicing for a little over 10 years in Washington, California and Oregon. Call for an appointment with Amy today or book online and Be Well!

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.